Nebulous Tower

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Nebulous Tower
Nebulous Tower
First Ruins Dark Sewer
League The Beginner League
League Cup 1 (Beginner), Cup 5 (Pro)

Lums 53 Popolopoi 37

Nebulous Tower is the second race course of the Beginner League in Rayman M. Completing this race for the first time will unlock the Popolopoi modes on all of the beginner races.


As with the other beginner races, Nebulous Tower is set in a haunted place similar to the Tomb of the Ancients in Rayman 2: The Great Escape. It starts with rising walls that allows the player to reach a Purple Lum that takes them high above on a platform on the left side that goes in and out. Then, there is a line of square platforms that rise and fall upon the flick of a switch, situated in a body of swampy water that slows the player down, which leads to the tower itself.

Jumping on the square platforms when high leads to a Purple Lum which gives the player a headstart in climbing up the tower, otherwise the player starts climbing up it with platforms and ivy covered gratings on the walls. At the top, the player has to drop down, avoiding the rotating planks which will slow them down, onto a wet slide full of moving bounce pads. Using one of these takes you on a path with speed ramps that get the player to the finish line a bit quicker, while underneath there are more speed ramps but also a large stairway with spiky spines to shoot on some steps.

The Popolopoï mode for this level is unlocked when the player wins at least two courses in the Beginner mode, which can be completed in any order.




Nebulous Tower in the menu of Rayman Rush.

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