Pipe Maze

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Pipe Maze
Pipe Maze
Treasure Ship Lava Factory
League The Extreme League
League Cup 4 (Beginner), Cup 8 (Pro)

Lums 56 Popolopoi 36

Pipe Maze is the first Extreme race course in Rayman M.


This level, along with the other racing courses in the Extreme League, is not based on any particular levels from Rayman 2, though, like Ly's Palace, it bears some resemblance to the Sanctuary of Water and Ice.

At one point in Pipe Maze, the player must climb ladders up slopes while avoiding barrels. This is a reference to Donkey Kong, the game in which Mario first appeared.

This one of only two levels to contain Electric Barrels, the other being Lava Factory.




Pipe Maze in the menu of Rayman Rush.

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