Thousand Waterfalls

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Thousand Waterfalls
Thousand Waterfalls
Water Canyon Forest Jump
League The Advanced League
League Cup 2 (Beginner), Cup 6 (Pro)

Lums 85 Popolopoi 48

Thousand Waterfalls, named 1000 Waterfalls in the GameCube and Xbox version, is the third race course of the Advanced League in Rayman M.


This level, along with the other racing courses in the Advanced League, is based on the beach levels of Rayman 2 such as the Whale Bay.

Thousand Waterfalls is one of the few races in Rayman M which contain enemies. These enemies are Cullcuts. Before these enemies are encountered, a second type of enemy is present; a large, red rose-like plant that spits pollen at the characters. It, like the Cullcuts, cannot be defeated and must be avoided.

Secret Area

While coming along the first rising platforms near the start of the race, there will be a waterfall on the left of your screen. Upon examining behind the waterfall, the player should see that it is hiding a secret area leading to the coast of a beach where you can see Globox in swimwear lying on a deckchair.




Thousand Waterfalls in the menu of Rayman Rush.

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