Sunset Coast

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Sunset Coast
Sunset Coast
Rise and Shrine Timber Wood
League The Beginner League
League Cup 1 (Beginner), Cup 5 (Pro)

Sunset Coast is the last of three Beginner League battle arenas in Rayman M and the last round of Cup 1 League in Rayman Arena. It features a basic set-up to allow new players to become accustomed to the game.

Description (Rayman M)

Sunset Coast is a twilighted map with cloudy sky located in the beach areas from the Glade of Dreams, making a part of the coasts from the world. Its floor plan is nearly rectangular which can be divided in three sections and into three soil levels. It is surrounded by great mountained rocks with grass and sand in its surfaces. In the south section of the map, the west side of the floor has got a climbable sand pillar in a sandy floor while the east side has got grassy floor and a rocky pillar with grass in its surface that also gives access to the highest floor level of the map with rocky walls, grassy floor and bamboos sticked into the rocks. The north section of the map contains a higher rocky surface in the center and also a very high hourglass-shaped rocky pillar in the east side. The central section of the map contains the lowest floor level in which can be seen an orange-purpled palm tree side to a waterfall in the east side, making a river flow in the center and falling into the sea in the west side between the bamboos that block the player's passage from the end of the coast. Contrary to the PC version, in the PlayStation 2 version there are pink flowers spreaded in the map. The Gold Generator is located in the highest spot of the map in the Lum Fight mode and another six standard Generators spreaded around. The Light Fly is found in the center of the river in the Capture the Fly mode.



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