Spellbound Forest (Rayman M)

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Spellbound Forest
Spellbound Forest
Palm Beach Ly's Palace
League The Expert League
League Cup 3 (Beginner), Cup 7 (Pro)

Spellbound Forest is the first of three Expert League battle locations in Rayman M. It is a circular arena featuring high ground and low ground to fight on. In Rayman Arena, the vines are slightly more colourful. Much of the environment here is loosely based on the forest-like environments seen in Rayman 2, such as the Fairy Glade.


Low ground

The low ground in this level is generally very open. On the outside of this area lies its points of interest. There are two gold Generators on the low ground, sitting across from each other, where players can obtain more devastating weapons at the cost of being out on open ground. There is little protection, though there are a few trees where the player can hide if they wish.

High ground

The high ground is narrow to very narrow in terms of area to walk on, though it stretches over the length of much of the arena. There is two different sections of high ground, one small and one large. The small section has vines draped all across where players can climb to reach it. There are Generators here and it is also a spawn point. The large section is separated from the small on both ends, though stretches around what is about half of the length of the arena. There are two places where a player reach this section, with one on each end of it. The ends here are fairly well covered for strategic players, though the middle is exposed and narrow, not only making the player especially vulnerable to attacks, though able to be knocked down to the lower ground.



  • There is a level in the Game Boy Color version of Rayman which shares its name with this one. Aside from the name, and the fact that both are clearly set in a magical forest, there are no similarities between the two and this is likely a coincidence.

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