Timber Wood

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Timber Wood
Timber Wood
Sunset Coast Haunted Yard
League The Advanced League
League Cup 2 (Beginner), Cup 6 (Pro)

Timber Wood is the first battle arena in the Advanced League of Rayman M/Arena.


The main outside area is a wooden fortress, or possibly a storage facility, belonging to the Robo-Pirates as there is a flag with Razorbeard's Robo-Pirate logo. There is a ladder to climb which leads to a bright cave, which is very light blue in colour. Whilst turning, the cave follows on until it has done a complete U-turn, then starts going downhill, which, if a character steps on it, they will start to slide and fall back outside. Despite being in the Advanced League, the area is mostly wooden, similar to the races in the Expert League. In Rayman Arena, this area is surrounded with snow and there are visible snow flakes falling.


  • There is a glitch which can only be performed with Globox. When Globox is at the entrance of the cave, jumps at one of the teeth of the big skull entrance, then jumps he will fall through the skull outside the level. He can fire weapons from there, and walk through the wall but can't be hit. When he moves too far away from the level he will fall, but won't die.


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