The Marshlands

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The Marshlands, as seen in Rayman Revolution.

The Marshlands is a location which appears only in Rayman Revolution. It is part of the Minisaurus Plain.


The Marshlands are a cluster of dense forest and murky swamps located near the Minisaurus Plain in an area far beyond the forest and the Fairy's Glade. From its entrance, the player can head left to access the Bayou and right to access the Marshes of Awakening. Unfortunately, the solid footing that connected the Marshland gates to these areas have long since vanished. The only way to traverse the area to the level entrances are via Purple Lums, due to piranha-infested waters.

As a level

The Marshlands is one of the areas located in the Minisaurus Plain region of the Front. It is unable to be traversed until Rayman has cleared the Fairy's Glade due to the necessity of swinging from Purple Lums.

The first time Rayman marches down to the Marshlands, he only must head left into the Bayou, though he is entirely capable of entering the then-optional marshes. Following Rayman's adventure in the Menhir Hills, the Marshlands is guarded by low-ranking (but re-spawning) Robo-Pirates exiting the Fairy's Glade. It is at this point that the path right becomes a requirement.

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