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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman 3, Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge, Rayman Kart
Location The Fairy Council, Clearleaf Forest, the Bog of Murk, the Land of the Livid Dead, the Desert of the Knaaren, the Summit Beyond the Clouds, Hoodlum Headquarters, the Tower of the Leptys, Wanna Kick Rayman?, Commando, Razoff Circus (as a target), Vertiginous Riddle, Hoodlum Moor, Land of the Livid Dead, Menhirs of Power

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Resistance 3 HP[1]

2 HP[1] (behind shield)

Attacks Gun shots (Rayman 3), triple pellet shot (Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge)

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Species Hoodlum

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The most fanatic soldiers in the war to free the Dark Lum Lord are the Hoodblasters, known for the mighty boomsticks they tout with tyrannical authority. These gritty troops are the grunts of the Hoodlum Army and feature some of the most scattershot shooting skills ever seen. While off-duty, Hoodblasters live for the cutthroat competition of frog shooting tournaments.
—Press release, Rayman 3[2]
An exceptional marksman. There's no-one better to display a rifle.
—In-game description, Rayman 3

Hoodmonger Privates, First Class, also known as Hoodblasters,[3] are musket-wielding Hoodlum sharpshooter grunts that appear in Rayman 3, Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge and Rayman Kart.


Hoodmongers are the most common enemies and Hoodlums in Rayman 3 and Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge. They wear brown sack-clothes and hats, and their eyes are red or white. They use two types of shotguns to attack Rayman, and they can sometimes be tricked into shooting one another. In certain areas Hoodmongers can hide behind rotatable wooden shields to protect themselves. Due to a hole in the shield for their guns, they are still able to attack. Despite the protection, Rayman can defeat them with curved shots. Behind shields, Hoodmongers have a lower resistance, and give fewer points when defeated.

Hoodmongers appear in all the worlds, with the exception of the Longest Shortcut. Their final in-game appearance is in the final battle with the Leptys/Reflux, during which André spawns an army of them with the Sceptre of the Leptys.

A Hoodmonger also appears in the Wanna Kick Rayman? vignettes, which are presented as fictional instruction videos in which a Hoodmonger teaches the viewer how to kill Rayman.

Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge also features Hoodmongers, in which they fire triple pellet shots instead of their regular gun shots. Even though the projectiles are different, their attack is similar to that of the Hoodmonger Officers from the previous game.

A Hoodmonger acts as one of the playable racers in Rayman Kart. His special power is to release an evil Lum which steals bonuses from the other racers.

A scarecrow resembling a Hoodmonger appears in the intro sequence of Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party.

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