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Hello! I'm Willow, aka iHeckler9. I aim to make PC better (not that it's bad already, O Mighty Hunchman). If you need anything, come give me a shout; I'll do something about it. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!

Arr, mateys.

Contain your orgasms, please.
Alignment 1337

Appears in The Incredible Adventures of iHeckler (Chapter 2: The Return of Relk_Cehi)
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Portrayed by Nobody

Sex Yes please
Species iHeckler
Status Boon.gif

Relatives Hoodie74 (brother)

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About me

I think this picture is really cute for some reason :3
  • Name: Willow Rolfe
  • Age: 24
  • Gender: I dunno
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Glade of Dreams residence: Pink Plant Woods
  • Maternal language: English
  • Foreign languages: French, Spanish, Pig Latin (thank you Rayman Origins)
  • Occupation: Professional cutie pie
  • Hobbies and Interests: Internet, video games, being creative
  • Consoles owned: Wii, PS2, PS3, DS, Switch

How it began

This one too :3

My dad got me two games for the PS2, the first that I ever got. One was Rayman M and the other was Looney Tunes: Space Race. I loved both of them, Rayman M the most, and I've been collecting Rayman games ever since.

Rayman-related info

Livingstone-"What the heck is that guy doing?" Rayman-"Hmm, looks like he's holding a controller of some sort."
  • Rayman fan since...: September 2002
  • Player status: Veteran
  • First game to have played: Rayman M
  • First game to have bought: Rayman Kart
  • Latest game to have bought: Rayman Origins
  • Favourite Rayman game: Rayman Advance
  • Least favourite Rayman game: Rayman Advance
  • Rayman Pirate Community member since...: January 2009
  • Current status in Rayman Pirate-Community: Womanizer
  • RayWiki user since: November 2010
  • Current status in RayWiki: Nearly a sysop
  • Interesting fact: Like Stacey, who thinks of the Whale Bay music when she goes swimming, I think of the Céloche theme and the theme just before that when in water.
Look at Globox's face. LOOK AT IT.

Merch Pile

In order of which ones I got first:

The Ray-Team

(Too modest to put me on the list :3)

List of Challenges in Rayman Raving Rabbids


Animal Farm

Bunnies Psychology. Volume 1

Bunnies Psychology. Volume 2

Bunnies Psychology. Volume 3

Extreme experiences

The Dark Side



The jogging Pants-tathlon

The Pants-tathlon in socks

The Pants-tathlon tracksuit


Bunny Fair


World Eclecticism Championship