Bunnies Can't Play Soccer

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Rayman kicks Professor Barranco like a football

Bunnies Can't Play Soccer is a minigame in the console version of Rayman Raving Rabbids.


In this game, Rayman is at a football pitch, and has to kick Professor Barranco as if he is a football after running a short distance. When Barranco has been kicked, the player then has to control the Rabbid's flight and shoot a goal, while taking care to not only avoid the grey Rabbid goalie, but also aim at certain areas of the goal in order to score more points. Rayman has three attempts at this.

Score mode

In score mode, the player must score 10,200 points in order to achieve a perfect (1,000) score. A fast way of doing this is to wait until the last second to kick Professor Barranco for a x2 bonus, and aim for the goalposts for a x4 bonus.