Bunnies Can't Slide

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Four Rayman statues getting ready to slide.

Bunnies Can't Slide is a minigame in the console version of Rayman Raving Rabbids.


Set on a frozen lake in the snowy outdoors, four differently coloured Rayman statues are positioned on each corner of the lake, about to slide about. By default, the solo player is always coloured red, while the others are computer controlled. Before they start, the game gives the player a few seconds to decide the direction and speed to slide while a giant red ring closes in at the centre of the lake - the aim is to stop as closely to the target in the middle as possible. The closest one to the middle wins the round, and three chances are given. After the game finishes, the total distance in meters is counted.

Score mode

In Score Mode, the game is found in the Precision section of Sports. The player needs to finish with a total of 1.00m or less in Part 1, and 0.10m in Part 2, in order to achieve a perfect (1000) score.