Bunnies Never Struck Gold

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Bunnies Never Struck Gold is a minigame in the console version of Rayman Raving Rabbids. It is first played as a boss trial on Day 8 in Story mode. Typical of the boss trials, it cannot be accessed from the toilet once Rayman goes through the day, but can instead be accessed in Score mode through the Bunny Hunts section.


This Bunny Hunt is in a canyon in the Wild West, where Rayman must shoot as many Rabbids as possible with plungers, while they run around carrying the same weapon. Quite a lot of the landscape elements such as signs and bridges can be destroyed in this level, and destroying some of these prevent Rabbids from arriving in their normal positions. After avoiding a UFO, Rayman must defeat several Gladiator Rabbids before the Baby Globox can be released.


A health crate is to the right of the radio. A mystery crate can be found in a ditch before the UFO arrives. A plunger snap crate can be found right at the end of the level.

Score mode

In Score mode, the player has to score 28,000 points in order to achieve a perfect (1,000) score.

Time mode

In Time mode the player has to beat the level in 3 minutes and 55 seconds or less in order to achieve a perfect (1,000) score.

Survival mode

In Survival mode the player hast to score 22,000 points in order to achieve a perfect (1,000) score.


  • The level was originally going to be called Canyon Carnage[1]