Bunnies Don't Use Toothpaste

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Worms are invading the Rabbid's teeth.

Bunnies Don't Use Toothpaste is a minigame in the console version of Rayman Raving Rabbids.


In this game, a Rabbid is at the dentist's office, and has worms popping in and out of four of its rotting teeth. The aim of this game is to pull the worms out of the cavities each one has made in the teeth for as long as possible - each time a worm goes back in, it makes the tooth rot even more, and a second time will destroy it. As the times goes, the worms will pop in and out at a faster rate. The game ends when all four teeth are destroyed.

Part 2

This time, while the gameplay is the same, the game screen will distort when the Rabbid emits a nasty cloud of bad breath, making the game a little more difficult. The game ends when just one of the rotten teeth is destroyed.

Score mode

In Score Mode, this game is found in the Precision section of Sports. The player needs to keep playing for at least 1'35'00 or longer in both parts, in order to achieve a perfect (1000) score.