Bunnies Don't Understand Bowling

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Bunnies Don't Understand Bowling is a minigame in the console version of Rayman Raving Rabbids.


This game is the Rabbids' own version of bowling, except that it a group of Rabbids themselves that are the pins. Set in a mine in a canyon, a barrel is rolled out over a mine cart track, and the aim of the game is to knock them all down in one throw. The game gives two chances to throw, and like real bowling, the player can get a strike, or a spare is one Rabbid remains and is then hit in the second throw. Additional points are added as the Rabbids fall off the cliff they stand on, or roll off.

Score mode

In Score Mode, the game is found in the Skill section of Sports. The player needs to score 470 points in order to achieve a perfect (1000) score.