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Adventurers, from now on, you will get FREE FOOD over time!

Feed your incrediballs and unleash their powers! They will help you conquer your adventures!

Also, everytime you restart your level, your incrediballs will exhaust and you will have to feed them again! So be careful and plan well on how to use them!

I love food, but right now I'm way to full... Why not feed a tired Incrediball instead? They're always ready to eat!

Food is used in Rayman Adventures to feed the Incrediballs once they get exhausted. Food can be received as gifts from friends, by completing levels, from surprise eggs, from lucky tickets, by using gems and by watching a video ad. After version 2.2.0, food refills with one new food every 5 minutes when there are less than 30 remaining.

Since version 2.2.0, food refills after some time.