The Captain

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The Captain
The Captain
Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman Adventures
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Portrayed by Douglas Rand

Sex Male
Species Human
Status Captain

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The Captain was never mean enough to become a pirate, however he got on board of the ship first, so he got nicknamed the Captain. Everybody has been using it for so long that no one remembers his real name.

The Captain is a character in Rayman Adventures. He pilots the Viking ship that the heroes sail on to get to the different adventures. Not much is known about the Captain, but the welcome letter in the in the News section is written by the Captain and it shows that he talks like a pirate.


The Captain has a red head of hair and beard. He wears a white tank-top and striped pants. One of his eyes will go to the side, suggesting that he is either dumb, or has a lazy eye. He also has a parrot on his shoulder at all times.

In Rayman Adventures

As stated above, the Captain helps the player travel through the Glade of Dreams to find and rescue eggs. Once he drops the players off on the Adventure Map, he sails away from it. Despite this, the Captain is located at the end of any regular level where he waves his yellow flags and celebrates the player completing the level. Or he can be found at the beginning of a Time level who acts as the Starter, waves his flags, and goes off-screen.

On the world map, the Captain is the one who locates the next batch of imprisoned eggs. With his spyglass, the Captain can reveal the rarity of all the imprisoned eggs that appear on the world map. He also has the ability to blow away clouds that to reveal new worlds, that is once the player has reached a certain requirement to unlock the new worlds.

The Captain also appears in the options menu when the player selects the button to head back to the main menu. He will ask if they are sure to the main menu or wait and make the occasional laugh or cough if the player does not touch any of the buttons that are present. He will disappear once the player makes a choice.

In the 2.7.0 update, a loading screen tip will occasionally pop up stating that the Captain is very close friends with Raybeard and can often be seen exchanging maps.