Mega Havoc 4

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Mega Havoc 4
Mega Havoc 4
The Mettleworks Magma Mayhem 2
Pirate Stronghold

Lums 19 Cages 0

Mega Havoc 4 is the twenty-fifth level of the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3, and is one of the game's optional bonus levels. It is found in the Pirate Stronghold, the last of the game's four worlds.


Mega Havoc 4 takes place in an environment similar to that of Boulder Brink. Like the other Mega Havoc levels, there is only one stage, and it contains no cages. However, Mega Havoc 4 contains 19 Yellow Lums rather than 20, the number in each of the other Mega Havoc levels. This is because the final Yellow Lum has been moved to a special level, Lum Challenge. In Mega Havoc 4, Rayman must overcome obstacles such as helicopter bombs, and use chain ladders and Blue Lums to outrun and avoid spiked boulders. The bodyshot power must be used to break open the wooden bridges over pits and access new areas.

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