Al Tranquilo

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A blue Al Tranquilo, as seen in Rayman Origins.

The Al Tranquilo are friendly creatures who appear in Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends.


The Al Tranquilo are obese dragons that can be seen in Gourmand Land. They always spend their time relaxing in loungers. There are two different variants: one of them is blue, wearing pink sunglasses, while the other is purple and wears green sunglasses.

In Rayman Origins

The blue Al Tranquilo appears in Polar Pursuit. If the heroes jump on its belly, it spits out a green liquid, which can be used as a geyser to help them reach higher places. The purple one appears in Dashing Thru the Snow, but instead of a geyser, this one spits out a floating bubble which the heroes can use as a platform. The bubble can be used to make it past hazardous areas, such as the red piranha infested waters. The bubble will only last so long before it pops, so the heroes will need to navigate quickly.

In Rayman Legends

The purple Al Tranquilo appears in the Gourmand Land painting from Back to Origins.


  • The name Al Tranquilo originates from the word "tranquil", meaning "calm" or "free from disturbance". It is the opposite to Al Inferno; the word "inferno" means "hell".
  • An orange Al Tranquilo can be found in the Rayman Origins game files; it also appears in the art book from the collector's edition of the game. It is unknown what their intended function was supposed to be, or why they were removed from the final version of the game.