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The Back to Origins painting as it appears in the Main Gallery

Back to Origins is a world of paintings in Rayman Legends which features levels from Rayman Origins. Each level has had various changes made in terms of level design and graphics. Not all levels are included, and the ones which are have had all story elements removed from them. The levels are unlocked through Lucky tickets, though will still need to be played in order in each of the worlds.

A new Back to Origins painting getting unlocked.

List of changes

  • Some level names have changed slightly.
  • Lum Kings, spiky platforms, Skull Teeth, Electoon Cages, the Magician's hats and time trials have been removed.
  • Turnips, Teensies (which replace many of the Skull Coin locations), Purple Lum chains and several enemies have been added.
  • Enemies no longer bubblize.
  • Many textures on objects and enemies have been slightly redesigned.
  • Some levels have had their layout modified to be easier, most notable the Tricky Treasure stages.
  • The Tricky Treasure has its eye closed, while in Origins, the eye was opened. There's also a Teensie trapped within the treasure now.
  • The lightning has been improved.
  • The nymphs do not appear at all.
  • All enemies now have animations of themselves being tickled that are not able to be viewed without the Murphy Reset glitch on a console with a touchscreen or hacking.
Back to Origins
Back to Origins
Back to Origins
Back to Origins
Back to Origins


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