Get Away!

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Get Away!
Get Away!
The Reveal Shoot for the Stars
World Moody Clouds

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Get Away! is a level in Rayman Origins. This level is in the Moody Clouds and starts with Rayman and the team chasing the Magician, after he runs away from being caught. This level was removed from the Nintendo 3DS version.


The Magician gets off at the end of the first pipe and starts flying by holding a small helicopter-like device over his head. Throughout the chase, it involves Rayman and the team of heroes running along falling debris after the Magician, while avoiding circular spinning blades. Timing jumps on pipes, hitting a flower bomb and performing the wall run on vertical slopes are what the chase also includes. Once the team and the Magician continue through the door to the next area, the level goes directly into Shoot for the Stars.

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